“Auto Detailing Service Guide”

For the “Auto Enthusiast”:  Here are some general guidelines to follow, if you are planning to maintain your vehicle. These are “Recommended”!

  • Wash: Including trim, glass, floor mats, and vacuum “Weekly”
  • Intensive Exterior Detailing: Application of preservative, protectant, cleaning cracks, jambs, under-hood, engine compartments, all emblems, cleaning along seals, trunk, full dress, scrub bead to tread! “Every 1-3 Mos.”
  • Carpets: Removal off or Full Carpet Wash & Stain Removal “As needed”
  • Tires polish wheel & lugs “Monthly”
  • Paint: Sealer/glaze, and Wax “Quarterly”
  • Leather:Thoroughly clean leather surface and recondition “Quarterly”